Katherine Ashenburg
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Praise for The Dirt on Clean

"Brimming with lively anecdotes, this well-researched, smartly paced and endearing history of Western cleanliness holds a welcome mirror up to our intimate selves, revealing deep-seated desires and fears spanning 2000-plus years."

Publisher's Weekly, September 9, 2007

"Utterly engaging ... filled with fascinating information ... a lively account."

New York Times Style Magazine, October 21, 2007

"Cleanliness has a surprising history ... In clear and straightforward prose, Ashenburg condenses a vast amount of information into smooth chapters that are free of padding. She includes many quirky tidbits of cultural history ... Dozens of charming illustrations distinguish a book notable for its engaging design as well as its illuminating content."

Kirkus Reviews, October 1, 2007

"With significant research and well-placed examples, Ashenburg outlines just how notions of cleanliness have changed and where they intersect with sexuality, social movements, and of course, hygiene.... The book successfully lays bare the fact that our idea of cleanliness is a haphazard construction. By the end, you'll look at your bathroom a little differently."

Quill & Quire

"It is written with great zest, energy, aplomb and scholarship. It has also been designed and created with great passion. Perhaps in that respect it looks like a truly wonderful soap -- that sort that might be given for a Christmas present. Unlike soap it won't wash away! ... This is popular history at its very best and it tells a wide and surprising story."

— Andrew Franklin, Publisher, Profile Books Ltd., England

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